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The reason affluent people travel is to enjoy unique experiences.

Since 2003, Wall Street journalist Robert Frank has researched the lives of the growing population of American millonaires and billonaires.

He states that the rich have formed their own virtual country, with the richest 1% of Americans earning about $1.35 trillon a year, greater than the national incomes of France, Italy or Canada.

With their huge numbers they have built a world unto themselves, complete with their own health-care system, travel network, economy and terminology

By matching the travel aspirations of the world's ultra-affluent with a region's unique luxury experiences, Koolivoo ensures that this market considers the region for their personal journey toward a richer life


Elite Indian Ocean.

Elite Australia.

Elite Latin America.

Elite Africa.

Top luxury travellers want to be recognised by personable owners, general managers and top guides. The Elite brand brings these aspirations together into effective promotional vehicles.


Household net worth:

Worldwide population:

Chief source of wealth:

Average annual spend:

Value of primary residence:

Trip expenditure:

Upper Affluent

$100 million to $ 1 billion.

In the thousands.

Business ownership, equity.

Watches $182,000, cars $311,000, jewellery $126,000, spa services $169,000.

$16.2 million.

$100,000 - $500.000

Middle Affluent

$10 million to $ 100 million.

More than 2 million households.

Business ownership, equity, salaries.

Watches $71,000, cars $158,000, jewellery $12,600, spa services $42,000.

$3.8 million

$20,000 - $200.000