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Africa Answers were set up as a new trading division of the Seattle-based Australia Specialist DownUnder Answers. CEO Kirk Demeter was aware of Koolivoo’s activities and approached us to work with his new team to develop the marketing assets required for presentation of Southern and Eastern Africa for the business to present Africa as a destination to their existing retail base in the USA.


In conjunction with team at Africa Answers and other long-term Africa specialist who also partnered in the programme, Koolivoo pulled together the first Destination Africa publication which was an extensive and significant presentation of Southern and Eastern Africa, featuring a variety of destinations, hotels, sightseeing, self drive, and other travel options.

Africa Answers were able to confidently take this presentation to their audience and over a period of a couple years have developed significant stream of African revenues and built a strong reputation amongst the US retail travel base and African suppliers for delivery and high quality service. Following the success of the first rollout Kirk then requested the Koolivoo handle the development of other marketing assets including the Australian New Zealand Travel Planner which they had developed in-house for over 15 years.